Song├╝l Taylor


I am a family photographer based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, specialising in Maternity and New-born portraits. I take a huge amount of pleasure from witnessing and capturing the journey from bump to bouncing baby to their first birthday.

My love for photography started 10 years ago, when I met and fell in love with my husband, Niall, who showed me how to take photos from the heart. He gave me my first DSLR camera for Christmas which turned into a pivotal moment in my life. I took several photography courses and secured a position in one of the biggest Photography studios in Torbali, Izmir. Two years later I left my life in Turkey for the UK and soon afterwards I made the decision to start my professional life as a Photographer.

Growing up in Turkey, my parents did not own a camera. I was not surrounded by photographs and could not refer to albums to look back on important moments. This lack of polaroid reminders have made me determined to enable others to revisit those earliest memories, from how tiny their toes were to how small they looked in your arms. Most importantly the love that you felt for them at the very beginning.

So thank you, for reading my story and for considering me in the most important job of taking pictures of your family and capturing those memories that will last a lifetime.